Bosch: Series 4 refrigerators

Latest from the brand is the Series 4 refrigerators which come with superior features like VitaFresh box for fruits and vegetables, DoorAirFlow with MultiAirFlow, AirFresh filter, Cooling retention and super cooling. The VitaFresh Box and humidity control slider ensures the veggies and fruits stay fresh for long. The frequent door opening will no longer be an issue as DoorAirFlow with MultiAirFlow locks the freshness inside.

The VitaFresh Box for milk and beverages keeps the beverages chilled 24X7 as it maintains a temperature 1-2 C lower than the rest of the fridge. By eliminating odour and filtering the bacteria inside the fridge, AirFresh filter ensures that food will smell just as it should. These refrigerators ensure cooling retention so that food items are maintained below -6°C (freezer) and 8°C (fridge) even after 14 to 16 hours of power cut.
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Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Bosch