Modern Ethno Interiors

Marta Serrats’ book compiles projects that combine the old and new.

Blame it on the idiot box, low-cost airlines or the internet, but the world has become a smaller place, with easy access to even the remotest corners of the globe. The result? Our interiors, like fusion cuisine, have become the melting pot of cultures, traditions and contemporary aesthetics. A few places like Africa, Indonesia, Morocco and South America have become major sources of inspiration when it comes to colour, texture and exotic materials. Modern Ethno Interiors celebrates over 40 projects that are modern, yet find their inspiration in ethnic style. To quote the introduction given in the book, “This is where eccentricity becomes a comfort to the senses.”

Like any book on decor, it is filled with pretty pictures shot by photographers from around the world. Take, for instance, The Gorlin Tower at Aqua in USA. Located on its 10th floor is a two-bedroom apartment that makes the most of the views of the canal. Exotic pieces in wood, such as chests and carved figures, adorn the entry to the living room. In Paris, The Syrie is an impressive hotel whose architecture includes Arabian components that are reminiscent of palaces and mosques. The use of horseshoe and semicircular arches, and vaulted ceilings in some of the rooms creates visual masterpieces. Another attractive property is a farm in South Africa… it comes with carved wooden sculptures, wicker chairs and ethnic inspired rugs, which go well with the clean straight lines and contemporary sofas that it flaunts.

Interestingly, a few Indian projects have also been covered in the book. These include fashion designer Manish Arora’s eclectic home in New Delhi, the Poddar House (also in the capital) and two other projects, a home and a lifestyle store in Mumbai, both by interior designer Rajiv Saini. And that’s not all! There’s an extensive index at the end with contact information of the featured architects and interior designers — for those who want a contemporary space with elements of tradition. Go grab a copy, today!

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Modern Ethno interiors
Published by Daab
Editing and text by Marta Serrats
English translation by Jay Noden
ISBN 978-3-86654-019-4
Available at CMYK Book Store, New Delhi
Pages 384
Price ` 1,995
Reviewed by Ridhi Kale