888 Hints For The Home

A comprehensive volume that makes life super convenient for DIY junkies.

There are so many times in our life — during home improvement /DIY projects, at a decor store, while selecting the colour of the wall, choosing an appropriate accent piece or even when rearranging our furniture  — that we wish we could carry a bagful of ideas, tips, tricks, advice to help us out. Now you can, thanks to 888 Hints for the Home, a comprehensive guide of ideas that makes the most out of every inch of space available.

From including tips to make spaces look larger, purchasing the perfect light, adding storage in the kitchen and beautifying a bathroom to enhancing the entrance and hallways — this tome has it all. It even guides you on what colour to choose, how to hang art, what kind of furniture is best for a certain room and what accessories to select. And with great pictures by ace photographer Jose Luis Hausmann, you can’t help but feel inspired. The coffee table book is divided into ten chapters — living room, halls and passageways, kitchen, children’s bedroom, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, outdoors, texture and colour, and deco details. Text has been kept minimal but the language used is easy to understand.

The book suggests defining the living room in spaces shared with other areas of the house and to organize it around three basic elements: a sofa, coffee table and rug. This volume helps you see beyond conventional norms… here’s how: instead of selecting a central light fixture in the ceiling, one can create points of light in different parts of the room with lamps that are hung from key corners; for the kitchen, it proposes the replacement of a narrow drawer with a pull-out cutting board that can serve as a working space; another trick is to use a shelf rack with wheels attached to the cabinet. A great idea listed for the child’s room is to cover three quarters of the wallpaper and leave the top part white to ensure that it doesn’t become too overwhelming. And finally, an adult’s room, the book says, can use some wall-mounted lights by the bed to save that precious space on the bedside table and provide focused lighting for reading. Additionally, the idea to take full advantage of all the walls of the bedroom by installing a shelf on the wall of the headboard and hide it behind the curtains, is so simple that it doesn’t even strike the best of us.

I can go on and on with the great tips in the book; all 888 of them are relevant and interesting. In truth, it had me hooked (well… almost!). If only they had made the bathroom section a little more interesting. However, it’s one of those books that deserve to sit on the coffee table of everyone who’s house proud. I know I want a copy!

Published by FKG, Loft Publications
Edited by Daniela Santos Quartino
Photographs by Jose Luis Hausmann
ISBN 978-84-9936-003-4
Available at CMYK Book Store, New Delhi
Pages 671
Price ₹ 1,495