500 Tricks: Rooms for Kids

A fun and informative book that gives you a lowdown on
children’s decor.

If you want to spruce up your child’s room and don’t know where to start, 500 Tricks: Rooms for Kids will help you set your worries aside. With 500 ideas, it tells you all that you need to know about designing a child’s room. The philosophy behind the book is simple… a child’s space is one where he grows up; where different phases of his development unfold; where he plays, learns, sleeps and dreams. The setting should be attractive and inviting, and have a design which corresponds to the child’s age. The book showcases works of interior designers, architects and  manufacturers from all over the world. After the introduction, the book is divided into three sections — Design Criteria, Projects, and Furniture and Additions. Each of these are further divided into sub-sections that focus on key factors of designing a space such as, colour, storage, accessories, lighting, flooring and materials. And different types of projects to give you a fair idea of what suits your child’s personality. Since all photographs are accompanied by descriptive captions, it ensures you know everything about kids’ rooms by the end of the book.

From several storage and space-optimizing ideas and choosing the right colour schemes to tips for siblings sharing a room, this edition is nothing short of a bible on children’s design. There’s also an important lesson that parents and designers can take away… when it comes to growing children, one size does not fit all. While a peaceful atmosphere with soft lights and controlled temperature is essential in a baby’s room, it is also vital to create a play area for a small child. A teenager’s room, however, requires a layout that stimulates an atmosphere that’s conducive to study.

My favourite section was that of the teen spaces… each one so vividly different from the other. One project had a desktop surrounded by drawers and shelves, which unfolded and extended into a work table. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in ample natural light, and the furniture was on wheels, for easy movement. In another setting, clearly for a teenage girl (with pink tones on the walls and furniture), the open wardrobe had a beaded, pop-style curtain to make the space functional yet fun for the young girl.

Every page has a picture with minimal, essential text. This may irk the traditionalists, who like everything spelt out for them, but mostly, it leaves us spoilt for choice.


500 Tricks: Rooms for Kids
Publisher Loft Publications
Author Not Applicable
ISBN 978-84-9936-752-1
Pages 255
Price ₹ 495
Availability CMYK Book Store, New Delhi
Reviewed by Ridhi Kale