Big Piano: Artsy Furniture

Paving way for a new style in furniture design, renowned architect Samira Rathod recently introduced a distinct range of furniture pieces under the brand name Big Piano. These functional art or artsy furniture pieces feature rugged designs which bring a certain kind of unique rawness and functionality to a space. They are crafted using a multitude of materials such as wood, glass, steel, copper, brass, marble, acrylics; as well as fabrics and paper.

The designs take inspiration from the art of moving things; Samira says, “Watching things move is delightful. A millipede’s thousand little limbs, the flapping wings of a soaring sea gull, a galloping horse, the chugging trains, pistons, pulleys and gears, all in locomotion. Open-shut, fold-unfold, collapse, glide, slide, tilt and shift, rock, revolve and rotate creating choreography of simple motion forming a random but repetitive rhythm. The furniture is designed as machines that produce function or pleasure, or both.”

A lot of the Big Piano furniture is whimsical and is based on what Samira thinks the space is missing in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Featured here are two tables crafted from Burma teak and finished in natural polish. The table (above, right) is a massive conference table, placed to act like a centre piece. It is imagined to be strong and colossal to resonate with the ideas of the users. The lamp (above, left) moves with the pulley mechanism and is crafted from metal and parchment.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Big Piano