Bent Chair: Resin collection

The Resin collection from Bent Chair offers around 30 to 40 products including quirky mirrors, animal figurines, planters, lights, and sculptures. The manufacturing comprises of a four step production process using the poly-resin material. First, the mould is created in the desired form and then cast in the form of the sculpture. The final touch is given through a gold spray paint technology. The collection thus includes different product lines categorized into six series — Timeless Tales, Green and Glam, Mad Mirrors, Famous Five, Calm and Wild and Bent Chair Favourites. The Famous Five series (featured here) is inspired from the renowned sculptors of the world. The series depicts striking resin figurines in bright solid tints with an impeccable detailing making it an exquisite keepsake.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Bent Chair