Arnaya: Othello and Divine Harmony collections

Arnaya, an international luxury lifestyle brand has collaborated with Gauri Khan Designs for its Othello and Divine Harmony collections. The collections blends the natural beauty of marble and stone with varied textures of wood, metal and semi-precious stones.

The Othello collection highlights clean lines, sharp edges and geometric consistence which can be seen in the Saddle Coffee Table that creates an illusion of a dip that acts not just as the leg of the table but also a magazine holder. A classic circular vase, Clawed Ash Tray, Castle Tower Candle Stand and Swiggle Candle Stand are also part of this collection.

The Divine Harmony collection highlights swirls, curves, waves and wiggles such as the Flames of the Forest Book Ends which is composed of two distinct pieces blending together in their curves with a flat base; and the Blazing Candle Stand which creates a visual flame by making way for a real flame by holding a bowl to place the candle. Concave edged Half Moon Candle Stand, Swerving Coffee Table mimicking an ice-cream melting under the sun, Tidal Wine Stand and Jigsaw Wine Stand are also part of the Divine Harmony collection.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: courtesy Arnaya