Alankaram: Bowl tables, Kutu and Puoli chairs and Vartula centre table

Alankaram recently revealed its handpainted furniture collection consisting of centre tables, side tables and lounge chairs, each inspired by nature, with a conscious selection of colours to complement the existing colour scheme. The Puoli chair (featured here) defines the concept of this collection, and is a highlight. Inspired by the dramatic conflict between the calmness of lotus blossoms in a lake and the fiery red setting sun, this chair has its own magical story which is bound to leave its spectators in awe of its splendid work of art.

Painted elements encompass the whole chair to ensure that the artwork appears as an inherent part of the design and not just a mere patchwork. The other furniture pieces in the collection includes the Bowl tables, Kutu chair and the Vartula centre table… all crafted from teak wood and featuring hand-painted stories in a milieu of hues. The brand’s design team also offers customization of your concepts or inspirations which can be added to the furniture items. Prices start from Rs 49,000.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Alankaram