Vinita Dasgupta

Artist Vinita Dasgupta narrates interesting stories through her artistic stroke and contemporary paintings.

Anchored by: Manasi Tahalani
Photographs: Courtesy the artist

While drawing with paint brushes and colours since the age of three, artist Vinita Dasgupta had little clue that her love for creativity and art would win her accolades nationally and internationally. Born in Kolkata in 1983, Vinita has travelled different states during the course of her childhood and teen years, and was lucky that she received the encouragement and support of her parents towards her art all through her growing years. She completed her Masters in Fine Arts from College of Art, New Delhi in 2008. However, the artist’s life took a 360 degree turn in 2010 when she visited Raghurajpur in Orissa for an art workshop where she took inspiration from the local artists who performed folk art based on mythological stories. In light of this, Vinita started drawing her art pieces/images on a cloth pasted on board followed by painting and printing on canvas cloth. For her series of Storyteller – where stories are told and retold, the artist took motivation from the local characters of Indian mythology and its practices.

For this series, she has used popular posters, photographs, prints, paints and intriguing found-items. She believes that her art is about the process of discovery, the synthesis of her personal feelings, colour that inspires her and technique that she uses — It’s a piece of who she is. Vinita is currently working with canvas rolls in more varied techniques and dimensions. Her last solo exhibition ‘Story Teller – stories told and retold’ by Art Lounge Gallery, India was held at Art Fair New Delhi 2018.