Santosh More

Artist Santosh More captures the chaos of urban spaces in his work.


There is something unsettling about artist Santosh More’s work. One, from his collection entitled Private Spaces, showcases a cluster of tiny houses that crowd together against a dark background with no walkway or breathing spaces between them. The artist experienced this kind of claustrophobia when he moved to Mumbai from Zarewadi, a village in Maharashtra. The cramped spaces then became his greatest muse. “I see my paintings as a bridge between the rural and the urban,” he says. Art was nowhere near the top of chosen professions where he came from. Still, as a child he pored over the portraits of artists on the back of his textbooks and often wondered about being one himself. A visit to the JJ School of Art, Mumbai, was the deciding factor. “After I saw the campus, there was no looking back,” he says. Today the artist’s work has found great critical acclaim. Besides canvases, he also dabbles in digital media and sculptures. His recent work, a sculpture inspired by a well in Karjat, was displayed at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2013 in Mumbai. Construction, architecture and space continue to form a large part of his work.