Wee Delights

Surya Sajnani and Dave Pinto of Wee Gallery create striking graphic art aimed at stimulating and entertaining babies.


Parenthood is the mother of all invention, and no one knows this better than Surya Sajnani and Dave Pinto, the creators of Wee Gallery. The dynamic husband-wife duo drew inspiration from the behaviour that their first child exhibited. Dave reveals, “When we were pregnant with our son, Surya painted a mural with zebras in it, so that he could stare at the stripes as a newborn. As he grew older, the rest of the animal’s features and the background became clear to him. This was the beginning of the Wee Gallery menagerie!”

Surya uses acrylic paint to draw pictures by hand, and the artwork is then scanned and computerized. Such is the charm of the black and white images that mothers have told Surya that their babies actually respond to the pictures! The reason that Wee Gallery works so well, perhaps, lies in the fact that Surya and Dave choose to involve their own children in their craft — an exercise that they take very seriously. The feedback that their kids provide them, gives them a great connect to how children view the world. Each of their creation must stimulate and entertain through a child’s growing years. So when the baby outgrows the black and white art cards, parents can use them as flash cards for a toddler’s memory game. Alternatively, the same art cards can be turned into mobiles for the crib. Wee Gallery also has whimsical wall graphics in the form of removable decals, soft books, tattoos, growth charts, rubber stamps, and greeting cards. And, a gentle once-over with a baby wipe makes maintenance as easy as it gets.

Surya Sajnani is a graphic designer and Dave Pinto has a background in teaching.

Retail outlets: Pappadum (Chennai), Plantation House (Bangalore)
Website: www.weegallery.com