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Better Interiors - April 2020 issue


Niyatee Sharma creates a safe, hand-crafted and well-designed range of furniture for children.


The stagnant and boring children’s room decor and furniture market pushed Niyatee Sharma, a CEPT graduate and mother to a boisterous one-year-old, to launch Squiggle furniture. Born of the need for an imaginative, well-designed, smooth-finished, and not necessarily loud offering for children aged 12 months and above, Squiggle touches a chord in even the most staid adult. Niyatee says, “I decided to take it up as a challenge to offer products to parents who are design conscious. Squiggle is inspired by nature, in an attempt to embrace creativity and the world we live in.”

Created from plywood, MDF, foam, leatherite and polyfill, this furniture is mainly handcrafted, except for the cutting of the boards, which is when small machines are used. As of now, the most favoured ‘toy’ seems to be the rocker. Almost abstract in its shape, the foam and art leather-clad plywood beauty is available as a sheep, an elephant and a donkey. The sturdy innovation, apart from journeying into imaginative lands, can also be transformed into a zany stool for the living room! More is in store, in the shape of the Crocodile and Tree bookshelves, and the Ladybug and Turtle floor cushions. Keeping this furniture clean is easier than child’s play: just wipe with a soft, damp cloth.

Niyatee Sharma, who graduated in 2003, studied Interior Architecture at CEPT, Ahmedabad. Furniture and retail design is her chosen line of career.

Retail outlets: Pappadum (Chennai), Dcube (Hyderabad)