Product Designers Jonas Pettersson, John Lofgren & Team

Odger is a minimal chair created by Stockholm-based studio Form Us With Love for IKEA using recycled plastic and wood chips.

Stockholm-based design studio Form Us With Love, founded by product designers Jonas Pettersson and John Lofgren, recently collaborated with IKEA to create Odger, a minimal chair made from reclaimed wood chips and recycled plastic. Though the chair is the result of a three year long project, the design of Odger stemmed from a mistake when a few years ago, IKEA decided to work with logistics in a more sustainable way and set up a production line for euro pallets in wood plastic. The choice of material turned out to be less successful for the pallets, and instead, the material became the starting point for Odger. The chair is a perfect example of a democratic and intuitive industrial design where form, function, price, quality and sustainability come together. It is made through a process of injection moulding, using a mixture that is 70 per cent polypropylene and 30 per cent wood chips. Available in blue, white or brown, it features a curved back and seat, which sits on a base with four legs. Typically, a packed box contains only four pieces — the seat of the chair, the frame and the two handles. Thanks to its no-screws design, a single twist and click secures the assembly of the chair’s shell seat and leg section using two handles.

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