Boutique Luxury

Architecture and design are not static — fashion evolves, technologies advance, and challenges propel. In line with this thought is L’Opulence, a young brand that showcases luxurious pieces of furniture that are classic yet distinctive.

Text: Rashmi Karanjekar
Photographs: Courtesy L’Opulence

“Design is thinking made visible,” said popular American graphic designer and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Saul Bass. With that in mind, let us take you on a journey following two creative minds, Namrata Rajpal, a fashion designer by profession, and interior designer Suhana Manchanda, who joined hands to create L’Opulence, a beautiful yet functional furniture brand.

Suhana is an alumnus of the Apeejay Institute of Design while Namrata holds a degree from NIFT, New Delhi. The two young designers had several shared interests and had known each other for almost six years when they decided to collaborate. “We started working on introducing our brand in the market in 2016 for which we conducted a lot of research with regards to trends, utilitarian needs, what goes into the making of each product including test pieces and working with craftsmen,” they say. Interestingly, the choice of name for the brand they created stemmed from the demands of our modern lifestyle, ie luxury and comfort. And so, L’Opulence was born with the maxim of creating furniture that is state-of-the-art, exquisite, elegant and flawless. “Each piece that we conceive and conceptualize has its own essence, while being rooted in Indian craft and materiality,” the designers explain.

Curved arms, classic lines and intricate detailing mark the leather Chesterfield Three-Seater. The Tribal Trunk table goes well with the sofa and provides storage in the form of two side drawers. To the right is the multi-purpose Rosiette nest of tables made from wood and glass and on the left is the portable Mocha Bar in croc-embossed Napa leather.

Their maiden collection, Elysian, comprises 15 varieties of furniture, including quirky tables and chairs, that are meticulously handcrafted in an amalgamation of materials like wood, leather, brass and stainless steel. The word Elysian refers to the Greek interpretation of heaven or paradise, and the collection features luxurious and timeless furniture pieces that never goes out of style. Highlights include the dainty Nemean Chair that is upholstered in a dainty white velvet with an embroidered symbol of a lion at the back. This beautiful piece of furniture is draped in a fabric that has an unusual floral texture — keeping in line with the natural element theme that runs through the Elysian collection. The Chais Lounge exudes absolute opulence with upholstery made of cracked leather and cowhide.

Their Leather collection offers products like the Tribal Trunk Table, inspired by the rugged geometric patterns seen on African tribal mud cloth, and the Chesterfield Three-Seater with curved arms and intricate detailing. The Bullhorn Nest of tables, made from bullhorn and wood, and the Enigma Coffee Table that features raw bull horn cut into different sizes are among the noteworthy picks from the Bullhorn collection.

The Chais Lounge from the Elysian collection effortlessly marries cracked leather and cowhide, exuding luxury.

On asking them about their favourite piece of furniture, Suhana and Namrata reveal it’s the Chasm Table. The design is an interpretation of the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi which treats breakage as part of the history of an object and celebrates imperfections by using gold as a medium for repair. The visibility of beautiful grains of veneer along with gold foil makes this table an object of glory for the living space.

Those looking forward to seeing L’Opulence in stores soon will have to wait — “We don’t plan on investing in setting up stores as specialty furniture studios like ours do not get too many walk-ins. However, we will open an experiential studio in New Delhi shortly. Also, we are looking forward to taking the concept to other major metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc,” the designers tell us. With a talented team of artisans at their workshop in Noida who help the duo to bring their designs to life, the brand intends to deliver the best services and designs. So far, they have been receiving positive feedback from the patrons.

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