Kavita Chopra Dikshit

Artist Kavita Chopra Dikshit reflects and relives lost emotions through her paintings.

Anchored by: Manasi Tahalani
Photographs: Courtesy the artist

After pursuing her graduation in Mass Communication at Sophia College, Mumbai followed by Masters in TV Production at Pittsburgh, artist Kavita Chopra Dikshit started working with CNN International headquarters and later moved to advertising. The artist now lives in New Delhi and runs her own graphic design company, Red Design. Kavita has experimented with oils, acrylic, mixed media and digital art, though her preferred medium remains oils on canvas. Kavita is a realist who finds comfort in the ordinary, in the clothes drying on a line, in the familiarity of graffiti, while simultaneously at ease with the spiritual.

Her abstracts are contemplative, the simplicity misleading until you notice the purpose in the brush strokes. In a world which is increasingly urban and alarmingly stressful and isolated, Kavita’s first solo exhibition of abstracts titled ‘Mohalla’ is an exploration of the concept of the Indian mohalla — cramped spaces within which life unfolds in all its colour. It yearns for the romance of a lost time, another world where community living was the order of the day. Neighbours were friends and it was a world of open doorways, and conversations over walls and rooftops, where the days were slower and life in the closely knit community overflowed with a charm and exuberance.