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Jorgen and Nanna Ditzel

Using green plastics made from ocean polluters Mater Design gives a fresh new spin to an iconic Jorgen and Nanna Ditzel design from 1955.

Anchored by: Diksha Jawle
Photographs: Courtesy Mater Design

Jorgen and Nanna Ditzel

Living up to its concept of sustainable solutions ever since its inception, Danish design brand Mater Design has now reissued a classic furniture piece by the famous Jorgen and Nanna Ditzel. Made from ocean waste plastic, Mater Design presents its Ocean Collection featuring a new table and chair range which reimagines the original 1955 design. While Jorgen and Nanna pretty much used organic and innovative materials in their creation, Mater Design keeps up the legacy by aiming to help tackle the issue of plastic polluting the ocean waters. For this initiative they partnered with the only mechanical recycling utility in the world, Plastix. This Danish cleantech company, transforms (read recycles) marine polluters such as discarded fishing nets, trawls, ropes and other post-use plastic waste fractions into green plastics. Fishing nets, which is used in the manufacturing of Ocean chairs are carefully sorted, analysed and cleaned before they are transformed into pellets.

This green plastic is what Mater Design liquidities and injects into moulds to create flexible slats which forms the seat for the Ocean chairs and table tops. The frames for the chairs and tables are made from metal. Apparently, one Ocean chair uses nearly 960g of plastic waste in its creation. Additionally, once discarded, the furniture can be recycled into new production circles.