Himani Gupta

With a personal approach towards art, artist Himani Gupta aims to make a difference in the society, and stir discourse through her mixed media art.

Anchored by: Diksha Jawle
Photographs: Courtesy The Artist

Artist Himani Gupta

Artist Himani Gupta’s art ideates the need for settlements that are inclusive and resilient in nature. Besides an undergraduate degree in business studies from India and an M Sc in Real Estate and Urban Planning from the University College of London, Himani is also trained in fine arts and spatial design from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Living and working between New Delhi, London and Kenya, Himani has been creating artworks since 2005. Colours, people and travelling have collaboratively evoked her interest in art. Primarily through paintings and drawings, she explores the materiality of space, organic forms and psychogeography.

She studies how land, spaces and cities evolve both structurally and organically and impact identity, which is heavily seen in her work. Himani prefers using mixed media such as oil paints and pigments, graphite, found material, concrete, pen, and metal leaf in her artwork. A key theme she explores in her work is ‘right to the city’ through mobility and associations formed through experiences provided by a spatial environment. With a personal approach towards her art, Himani engages with her direct surroundings by means of sketches, sound recordings and verbal accounts of people whose stories she chooses to include in her works, which is seen in her recent work Mapping Landscapes, Terra Study and Suburbs.

Email: himani85@gmail.com