Campana Brothers

The Sobreiro Collection by Campana Brothers is a new furniture range made entirely from cork.

Anchored by: Manasi Tahalani
Photographs: Nuno Sousa Dias, courtesy Estudio Campana and Epoca and Amorim

Brazilian design duo — Fernando and Humberto Campana, popularly known as the Campana Brothers recently designed a new furniture range called Sobreiro collection which comprises of one armchair and three cabinets. The Campana Brothers have designed the entire collection by using the Portuguese cork which is one of the most sustainable natural materials to harvest. The armchair is entirely made of natural cork (as its structure) whereas the cabinets are made of a wooden structure. Two of the cabinets are made of agglomerated of expanded cork, out of which one is inspired by the shape of waves, and the third cabinet is a hybridism between cork (agglomerated of expanded cork) and clay.

The material used in the structure of each cabinet is MDF. The expanded natural cork agglomerate is a material that is obtained by warming effect but does not have any type of additive. The basic idea of the entire project was to develop a range by combining Portuguese materials with Brazilian designs. Following which, the designers immersed themselves in the Portuguese culture and reality, which occurred mainly through two visits of Humberto Campana to Portugal during the first semester of 2018.