Tanuj Bhramar


A keen eye and depth in the treatment of the subject. That is how one would describe Mumbai-based artist Tanuj Bhramar’s work. Influenced by artists like Edgar Degas, Edvard Munch and Salvador Dali, his art is an interesting blend of surrealistic and expressionistic schools. “Painting is a way to rediscover myself. I try to analyze how things affect me. If I see an inspiring movie, the painting will depict what I think of it, and, in turn, question my thoughts on the same,” says Tanuj. He refuses to name his paintings, leaving them open for interpretation. One such untitled work reveals a man in deep thought. The concept behind this painting: what inspires men of genius is not a new idea but the obsessive pursuit of stepping over established boundaries! Tanuj’s upcoming collection called Exploring Duality through Mythology and History, envisions prominent characters in their most intimate moments. Through this exhibition, the artist aims to understand the shades of grey in their personalities. Tanuj’s exhibition will open on the 7th of September, 2013, in New Delhi at the Metropolitan Hotel.

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