Sculptor Neeraj Gupta

New Delhi-based sculptor Neeraj Gupta’s imaginative works are emblematic of life’s profound realities.

Neeraj gupta1[1] copyPassionate about his craft, New Delhi-based sculptor Neeraj Gupta believes that traditional sculpturing continues to be a potent form of art as it displays a standing tradition of the cultural, regional, and religious beauty of India. Therefore, his works are compelling extensions of Indian art forms like Rasa, Bhava and philosophical text — but, he has intuitively transformed the traditional into contemporary and modern forms. Through his signature creations Grotesque Heads, the artist explores the meaning of perceived reality and the creativity of human mind. Depicting the anxieties of modern life, these distinctive style of heads with impressive figural distortion and descriptive thick layers of pigmented cement treatment can be described as flecked, peculiar and appealing. Despite being a self-taught artist, Neeraj has carved a place for himself and has held more than 15 solo exhibitions in India and abroad. Apart from this, the artist is the President of Delhi Art Society and has authored the book 20 Solutions — Artists Response to Climate Change.


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