Princess Pea

The iconic Princess Pea is symbolic of the values and rights of the girl child in India and the issues surrounding women’s identity in modern day society.

Princess Pea December 2015 copyAn artist whose world treads a fine line between the world of fairytale and the mundane; Princess Pea is truly unique. The artist was born in Ferozpur in 1980, and gained her Masters degree in Fine Arts from the College of Arts, New Delhi. Through her contemporary art practices, Princess Pea brings to the forefront international issues of tradition, identity and celebrity with an underlying satire on global societal concerns, presented through a lifesize anime style ‘living doll’ that can neither talk, smell nor see. The oversized plastic head is the physical representation of the artist’s character. Through her carefully constructed alter ego, the anonymous female artist seeks to challenge our conception of what constitutes femininity and womanhood. The artist is based out of Gurgaon and has exhibited her works at the Elephant Parade (2010, London), Supercarlifragilisticexpialidocious (India Art Summit, New-Delhi, 2010), Pecked Jostled and Teased – I (Exhibit 320, New Delhi, 2014), to name a few. She would be soon launching a series of limited edition sculptures made in wood — each piece a work of art, conceptualized and made with great attention to detail by award winning craftsmen in India. The limited edition toy, Fall and Rise, is a figural representation of Princess Pea’s body type who, when pushed from underneath, collapses down, bouncing back when released to stand upright once more embodying the resilience of the Indian girl child, whose rights and values Princess Pea champions. Release dates for other toys in the range are as follows: Seven Sisters in Summer 2016; Three Girl Friends in Winter 2016; Siblings in 2017. The toys will be exhibited for the first time at the Design Store, India Art Fair from 28th to 31st January 2016.