Nivedita Pande

Architect-turned-artist Nivedita Pande probably knew that her comeback to art was inevitable. After her matriculation in the late 70s, she went on to build a career in architecture and urban planning. But she kept wandering back to what she had always loved as a child — painting. “This passion led me to National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, for a course in art appreciation, and then to Triveni Kala Sangam in the capital itself,” she says. Though Nivedita claims that most of her work is simply meant to be enjoyed, the themes in her oeuvre belie her words. Social messages and her perception of the human condition are evident in her artworks. One painting features a sky-high pile of gunny sacks at the edge of the frame. Tiny human forms crowd near it while one figure faces away. This is her depiction of the malady of hoarding. Strong colours and well-defined forms are Nivedita’s forte, and you can see the impact of architecture in the structural elements, perspective and depth. Nivedita knows that inspiration can be hard to come by and that daily commitments never end. But she is sure of one thing. “I just want to keep painting,” she says.


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