Lakhan Singh Jat

Artist Lakhan Singh Jat’s vibrant paintings evoke the innocence and nostalgia of an erstwhile childhood.
_MG_7304 copyFor Jaipur-based Lakhan Singh Jat, his childhood reminiscences are like a constant stream of images to revisit, a familiar time of innocence, emotions and happiness — his work is therefore, a reflection of this sensitivity, nostalgia and imagination. Lakhan spent his early years on a farm in village Kushay, Rajasthan, and had a uncomplicated and bucolic childhood. Lakhan’s paintings feature a child petting a dog, a boy riding a tricycle and kids playing games on the road. The artist’s medium of choice is water colours and oils, but he also enjoys the flexibility that comes with acrylic on paper, canvas and wood. Through colour, Lakhan creates a background that’s thick and coarse portraying the rough grounds and dusty environment of his village. Armed with BFA and MFA degrees from the Rajasthan School of Arts, Jaipur, Lakhan has participated in various group exhibitions as well as solo art shows. These include A 100 Many Splendoured Things at Stainless Art Gallery, New Delhi (2015) and Athkheliya at the Lokayata Art Gallery, New Delhi (2015) among others.

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