Deepak Shinde

For veteran Artist Deepak Shinde, art is a way of giving back to nature.


Having dedicated four decades to painting, renowned artist Deepak Shinde’s art aims to educate people about ecological and natural concerns. It’s his way of connecting human intelligence, intrigue and enquiries with social values and concerns. A fine arts degree from the Sir JJ School of Art and training from the art guru Late Vasudeo Gaitonde has helped him carve a name for himself. For some years now, Deepak has been exploring the animal world to create appropriate metaphors for the human realm, perhaps to underline the loss of purity of the primeval streams of human impulses such as passion, love and detachment. An on-going series, his recent works address concerns relating to the state of the environment, the tiger (its presence and safety) and Indian mythology, reminding us that man once coexisted in harmony with nature. His latest exhibition, called Co-existence, delves on this subject and includes paintings of nature, animals, and abstract works. He has held over 28 solo shows, some of which include Tableaus in the Wild at Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad (2010) and Intimate Allegories at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (2009).

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