Artist Gurmeet Singh Marwah

Artist Gurmeet Singh Marwah’s body of work is a deep-rooted emotional response to the outside world.

New Delhi-based artist Gurmeet Singh Marwah’s work is based on narratives at two levels — the personal and the societal. At one level his work is a sarcastic expression of what he perceives from his environment, while at the other, the satire inherent in his work serves to resolve his inner conflicts. The artist uses animals as symbols, as well as crucibles of emotive content… serious contemplations are dealt with a certain lightness that is characteristic of his work. A number of mediums have lent their uniqueness to Gurmeet’s canvas including charcoal, acrylic, oil, watercolours, lithograph, etchings, linocuts and woodcuts. With a thoughtful use of colours (especially red), the artist renders imageries which are soothing to the eye. Then there are symbols like the crown, jars, hearts and soda bottles which keep recurring in his works as it represents the artist’s deliberations. The crown (a symbol of political authority) is also represented as an object of desire in the art. While Gurmeet has participated in 16 group shows, he has had two solo shows — Red Bubbles (2017) and In between heart and mind (2016), both at Art Konsult gallery at the capital. A Man with the Big Heart, Gandhi with Gang, Hazaar Khwahishen Aisi and Blind Love are some of his famous works.

Mobile: 9711193631

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