Sunita Kohli

Sunita Kohli, Interior designer, architectural restorer, furniture manufacturer and president K2 India, says it like it is.


You find inspiration in…
Great architecture — both modern and classical, viewing great films and listening to articulate experts.

Your favourite architect? Why?
Renzo Piano. He is a visionary and has significantly contributed to modern architecture’s visual vocabulary.

What motivated you to become an architectural restorer and interior designer?
Both have been unplanned professions, one led to another. I suppose that is destiny, especially when I recall the influences and the almost intangible trajectory towards design in my childhood.
Your favourite project and why?
These are too many to list as I have been in this profession for the past 40 years. Several projects have added to my learning curve and given me immense creative satisfaction. I’ve had the good fortune of having great clients.

What is common to all your projects?
Understatement, sophistication and wit, I think.

Favourite superhero…

A song you are humming
“Aaj phir jaane ki zid na karo…”

If you could settle anywhere in the world, where would it be?
New Delhi. I think it is India’s most livable city and I cannot imagine myself living in any other country but India.

Book you are currently reading…
Three actually — depending on the mood of the moment. I am reading Abraham Eraly’s First Spring, Ramesh Menon’s Mahabharat and Mario Vargas Llosa’s Way to Paradise.

If not an architect, what would you have been?
An archaeologist or a documentary film-maker.