Rohit Bhoite

Meet interior designer Rohit Bhoite, who sees poetry in building materials, and loves his plate of tandoor crabs.

ROHIT copyWhat/who has influenced your design aesthetics the most?
My design aesthetic has always been influenced by the works of stalwarts like Alvar Alto, Santiago Calatrava, Peter Zumthor and artists like Olafur Eliasson. They inspire me to design… to invoke emotions within a space.

Which is that one essential element found all across your work?
Intervention of materials and philosophy — trying to make a smooth transition towards eclecticism — as I believe, the use of materials is a poetry of textures.

A project that tested your mettle as a designer?
A recent luxury apartment for a friend. We customized all pieces for this project since readymade furniture did not meet the client’s approval. Balancing personal and professional relations can be a daunting task.

What’s your take on the state of architecture and design in India today?
We are way behind most countries when it comes to building state-of-the-art structures. Having said that, there are many “prestigious” landmark projects (read, architecture) being constructed in India. But, sadly, unlike developing cities, where the thrust is mostly on urban development policies with a large focus on basic amenities and infrastructure; we are simply creating monumental buildings. What about quality of life? Are the governing bodies ensuring that the people living in these spaces also get good quality living? Good roads? Ample water supply? A cleaner air to breathe? There is a math about basic services which needs to be made accessible “per unit area” for people. This math/concept is not understood by most politicians and planners in India. The outcome is, new problems gets added to the older ones, when what we require are smarter, new-age solutions.

What are the projects that are keeping you busy these days?
A luxurious home, an elite spa, and an exciting line of furniture.

On a lighter note…
Your quirkiest design inspiration?
A print on a girl’s skirt — it inspired a wardrobe design!

Given a choice… the country you would shift base to? And why?
Barcelona, Spain. The city eats, breathes and talks design. It would be a pleasure to be surrounded by the great works of Antonio Gaudi, Santiago Calatrava and Enric Miralles.

If you would be any character in fiction… who would you be and why?
Superman! Because, he can fly.

The one thing you would save if your house was on fire?
My backup hard disk… my complete life is on it; personal, as well as professional.

A dish you savour the most?
Tandoor Crabs

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