Rajiv Parekh

Meet architect Rajiv Parekh, who besides designing beautiful bespoke homes for his clients; also wants to redesign the Iron Man’s usurious house! 

Rajiv (1) copyTell us about the team at Red Architects… does your collaborative energies come together to form the firm’s design philosophy? And what would your philosophy be?
The most operative word about “team Red Architects” is team — it has really helped our design language to evolve. It has also increased our ability to deal with each design challenge that we face. All in-house design ideas are open to constructive criticism from the other members of the team. This proves to be a huge benefit to the end users as the decisions have already been whetted by the differing design strengths of multiple individuals.

Red Architects’ design offerings runs across product design, interior design, architectural design and urban design… which is closest to your heart, and why?
I would say right out of school, pure architectural projects were closest to our hearts. However, we realized that what is most important to the client is their experience as they move through any space and their tactile perception of it. Everything they touch, smell and see constitutes their memory and association of a space. Thus, interior design, product design and furniture design as essential and integral facets of design began capturing our imagination. Currently, I am agonizing over a detail of how wood and brass should ideally work together.

Which is that one essential element found all across your work?
Clear and functional resolution of details.

Has “individuality” in projects become a deterrent in creating something out-of-the-box?
Not really. Individuality allows us to create customized solutions to design problems. Designing something out-of-the-box is always nice, but not always the correct design approach. So we design personalized out-of-the-box solutions when the site and client’s brief demands it.

The big projects keeping you busy these days?
It is very fulfilling to be engaged in a broad range of projects from office interiors, to a small home, to a 20 lakh square feet residential development in Goa. A few years ago we built one of the largest bungalows on Juhu beach and recently the client has come back to us for a hospital project and a residential development for his charitable trust.
On a lighter note…
How do you unwind after a busy, long day?
My children are my biggest de-stresses and it is a great feeling to come back home to their hugs and smiles.

One book you keep going back to?
The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. It is my first-born’s favourite and no matter how many times I read it to her, I still enjoy going back to it.

If you would be any character in fiction… who would you be,
and why?
Iron Man — and not because I care about saving the world, I would simply love to rebuild his outrageous house hanging on the edge of the cliff over the ocean!

A funny incident from your design career…
We had a client once who entered every meeting with bodyguards that carried AK47s! He was one guy I never argued with.

If someone were to write your biography, what would the title be?
The Search Continues…


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