Rajeev Agarwal

Architect Rajeev Agarwal talks about the importance of natural materials and his love for art.

What made you foray into architecture?
I was exposed to the profession through my family at a very young age. Hence, my decision to take it up as
a career.

What is the essential element that can be found in all your projects?
Natural materials and textures are important elements in my architecture. Besides, personally, it is important
for me to see a rhythm of mathematical numbers in any design project.

Is there a project that you wish you had designed?
Any significant museum in the world… Louvre, in Paris, the Tate Modern Art Gallery in UK, Guggenheim, Manhattan or the NGMA in New Delhi. It would have been wonderful to have the opportunity to study and interact with their vast art collections as part of my work!

What is lacking in Indian design?
Indian designers and design are responding to clients and market forces, both of which are maturing over time. This maturity should eventually lead to cutting-edge design.

An architect/interior designer you admire?
Architects Tadao Ando and Christopher Benninger.

Your dream project would be…
A museum for art.

If you could be a superhero, which one would you be?
Anyone — Batman, Spiderman, Superman… I am a superhero junkie.

You unwind after a busy day by…
Playing with my daughter.

A song you are humming?
Nothing in particular.

If you could choose any city to live in which one would it be and why?
Florence. It’s a lovely city to walk around in and has great art and architecture at every street corner.