Purvi Shah

Interior designer Purvi Shah tells us about her inspirations, challenging projects and more…
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When in life did the design bug bite you? What or who has influenced your design aesthetics the most?
I aspired to be a designer in my teens. I was greatly influenced by Tadao Ando’s Church of Light.

Tell us about the team of design professionals at Purvi Shah Designs… how do you keep your office motivated and on the same page?
I have a young and dynamic team who are encouraged to think out of the box and at the same time follow my vision on design concepts.

Which is that one essential element found all across your work?
The colour white, for its purity.

A project which challenged your mettle as a designer?
A suburban factory which was brought to life literally from scratch.

What are the big projects which are keeping you busy these days?
I am working on a restaurant, high end jewellery office and an accessories store at the moment.

On a lighter note…
The one thing we’ll always find in your handbag?
A power bank!

How do you unwind after a busy, long day?
By listening to music, and dancing with my children.

Given a choice which country would you like to shift base to, and why?
If I had a choice I would like to shift base to Antarctica, and be completely surrounded by white.

A book you keep going back to?
The Harry Potter series… for its sheer creative imagination.

Your comfort food is?
Dark Swiss chocolate with red chilly sauce — it totally confuses the senses!


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