Parushni Aggarwal

Parushni Aggarwal, owner and creative director of the famous New Delhi-based lifestyle brand Studio Creo, acquaints us with her design story…
Parushni Aggarwal Gupta%2c Creative Director & Owner%2c Studio Creo - Image 1 copyWhen in life did the design bug bite you? What or who has influenced your design aesthetics
the most?
I was always inclined towards it but my journey began in 2007. My father, Snehdeep Aggarwal has been an influencer in every aspect of my life and I continue to learn and grow from his very driven and inspirational outlook towards life.

Studio Creo is an established name in the design industry… how and when did the thought of starting the studio come about? What does the studio offer to the Indian consumers?
Studio Creo is a fresh, creative interior design house that comprises of many Italian brands and all under one roof in our flagship store in New Delhi. Our purpose is to create spaces for happy and functional living for everyone. We thrive on creativity, innovation and change. To us, work is personal, and we work hard for every client because we know how much every detail matters.

You offer bespoke design services to the consumers too… when did this division come about and what are the services that are in the offing?
On request the Interior Design Service at Studio Creo will plan and oversee “tailor made” interior design projects for our clients. In our design, we care deeply about the human experience.

Tell us about the team of design professionals at Studio Creo… how do you keep your office motivated and on the same page?
At Studio Creo our designers know how to source the best basis our client’s needs. Through our broad partners, combined with the experience of our dedicated sourcing team, we provide imaginative and exciting solutions which are practical and cost effective to all briefs. We have solutions for all kinds of budgets. We take utmost care to give a product that combines international design that works with local tastes. This alongside with a passionate team keeps the momentum going on an everyday basis for us.

What are the big projects which are keeping you busy these days?
Nikoo Homes in Bhartiya City, Bangalore.
On a lighter note…

The one thing we’ll always find in your handbag?
My notepad.

A dish you savour the most?
Spaghetti Carbonara or Nigri Sushi.

How do you unwind after a long, busy day?
Spend time with my daughter Noor.

The top three tracks on your Ipod?
Happy by Pharrel Williams, Shake it off by Taylor Swift and Magic by Coldplay.

A book you keep going back to?
Who moved my cheese by Dr
Spencer Johnson.

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