Lucas Abajo and Laxmi Nazabalt

Muka Design Lab’s collar-popping Reves Chair protects you and the environment.


15_LucasyLaxmi_1200 copyEstablished in 2011, Spanish design studio Muka Design Lab was founded by product designers Laxmi Nazabal and Lucas Abajo. The designers developed the Slow Design concept — an unconventional philosophy that strengthens local economy by collaborating with small artisans and workshops, using local sustainable materials. However, the focus is not to dismiss new manufacturing techniques but to recover the forgotten ones, which provide a personal, unusual, long-lasting and sustainable identity to a product. For instance, the Reves chair (featured here), is made from oil-treated beech. It is upholstered in a two-tone quilted textile that is stiff enough to remain vertical without requiring support. However, it can also be folded down over the wooden frame, opening the sitter up to their environment. When popped up, the soft, padded fabric provides privacy and also absorbs sound, making it ideal for reading or private conversations. The chair’s frame is made by local craftsmen using locally sourced beech; while the fabric comes from eco-friendly textile manufacturer Gabriel. The Reves Chair has recently been rewarded with the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2015.

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