Jens Praet

Italy’s Jens Praet makes unique furniture from leftover magazines. 

Created in reaction to the tremendous amount of office paper lying to waste, Italy-based Jens Praet’s Shredded series has transformed into a conceptual body of work that renders the mere images of art and furniture into concrete, functional design. Comprising of two large mirrors and a low table, the series (in its fourth edition) is brought to life by copies of Art+Auction magazines. The manufacturing process is a tedious one — Jens first shreds the glossy pages of the magazines, mixes the resulting pounds of confetti with resin, presses the mixture into furniture-shaped moulds, and then polishes the structures to perfection. The finished pieces have the firmness of wood and a unique texture. The series is so famous, that the Shredded side table is part of the permanent collection of the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and the Mint Museum in Charlotte (USA). Jens studied Industrial Design in Florence and attended the Master classes at the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The designer’s passion for everyday objects, materials and finding inspiration in the old and the new often becomes the starting point in developing a new concept.