Elliot Bastianon

Tapping Echo Panel’s true potential, Elliot Bastianon creates Persuasion bench.

Bastianon_E_headshot copyAustralia-based product designer Elliot Bastianon has created the Persuasion Bench, a product that like the rest of his efforts showcases his ability to use unconventional materials in design processes that defy cliched forms. The protagonist (read material) of the bench is EchoPanel, which was created in 2002 by an Australian textile company, Woven Image. This substance is a soft, semi-rigid fibrous board that is constituted entirely of PET — 60 percent of which is post-consumer waste sourced from recycled soft drink containers. It was to be utilized as a replacement for textile-covered tiles and wall panelling. However, Elliot believed that EchoPanel had the potential to be much more than its boring existence… thus was born Persuasion. The bench has been folded entirely into form using a single sheet of EchoPanel. Its structure is created through the repetitive ‘V-pleat’ pattern, rigidifying the material and additionally bolstered by reclaimed timber beams. Bespoke stainless-steel hardware, stiff timber, and the EchoPanel create a stark distinction between natural and synthetic.


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