Devang Patel

Meet interior designer Devang Patel of P&D Associates who is greatly influenced by the dense Indian cultural fabric.


devang patel copyWhen in life did the design bug bite you? What or who has influenced your design aesthetics
the most?
I don’t know why I should get bitten by the design bug when the curiosity bug is alive inside me always. It flutters while observing diversities of nature, our own culture, glamorous pop arts and small details on a daily basis.

Tell us about the team of design professionals at P&D Associates… how do you keep your office motivated and on the same page?
To set a hierarchy in office means to visualize a design through different kind of glasses aligned in a strict row. A fact is established in our work setup that opportunity never comes in hierarchy, but all refinements for those crude ideas should be applied through a flexible pattern. The team is allowed to choose and to change work patterns in office and we support them. Sometimes, they choose work of interest over work of strength, which we support for sake of rapidly evolving design policies in young minds.

Which is that one essential element found all across your work?
Ethnicity of dense Indian cultural fabric. We try to narrate that ethnicity in design through traditions like inlay techniques, old wooden or metallic joints, carvings, old proportions, craft forms, etc. All celebrated as well as reviving art forms inspire us to weave an intricately woven yet simplistic design concept.

A project which challenged your mettle as a designer?
Any project proposed to a design professional in India brings all these criteria such as overestimated scale, manipulated site data, undefined economy, user’s blurred profile, etc to the fore. If there’s something about that project which leave that curiosity bug inside me fluttering, that proposal would be fuel for our fortitude to design.

What are the big projects which are keeping you busy these days?
Though our definition of big project has nothing to relate with scale of site or economy of clients, our recent important projects are proposed by young generations of established business tycoons from our own locality. This age group of clients are ready with a clear set of requirements and have a keen aesthetical sense.

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