Yogita Agarwal creates wearable Jhoule light

jhoule-wearable-light-soapen-soap-pen-yogita-agrawal-design-indabab-2016_dezeen_1568_5Yogita Agrawal, an industrial design graduate has created a wearable device that acts as a back-up light in rural areas. Yogita started work on her Jhoule wearable while studying at Parsons School of Design, as part of a class themed around design that endures. The circular device includes a detachable embroidered covering, and has a clip on the back that allows it to be worn around the waist, ankle, or arm. As the wearer walks, Jhoule harnesses energy from the body’s swinging movement, which drives its internal charging mechanism. This energy is then stored, and can be used to power embedded LEDs in the device. Jhoule can be used in the absence of streetlights, or hooked to a wall in the home to provide light in the evenings.