WATG to design the world’s first freeform 3D printed house


Chicago-based architectural firm WATG (Wimberly, Allison, Tong and Goo) has won the The Freeform Home Design Challenge with its plans to create the world’s first 3D-printed residence, a project they’ve named Curve Appeal. The worldwide challenge, commissioned by US-based Branch Technology, challenged participants to design a 600-800 square-foot single-family home that rethinks traditional aesthetics, ergonomics, construction, building systems, and structure from the ground up. The Curve Appeal project consists of a curving interior and an exterior cores which form the roof and parts of the facade. The interior protects the inhabitants from the outside elements, but still allows light to fill the space in order to create an organic, harmonious relationship with the environment. The exterior consists of a calculated archway that merges with the surrounding site. The structure will be produced using 3D-printed plastic and carbon-fiber panels wrapped around glass panels.


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