Take your pick from five fantastic air coolers


Kenstar-Glam-50-R copy


The Glam 50 Smart cooler has an air throw range of 10.67 m and a tank capacity of 50 litre. It comes with pre-installed honeycomb pads; has special ICE chambers that can be filled with ice, and in case of power failures, can run on an inverter. It is completely remote controlled.
Rs 11,990

Supercool - CP3001H copyOrient Electric

Using honeycomb pads as the cooling material, the Electric Super Cool CP3001H air cooler featuring motorized horizontal and vertical louver movement, has a tank capacity of 30 litre, air throw of 7.6 m and air delivery of 1300 m3/hr. It comes with a 3-speed motor; four ways air deflection and can run on inverter during power cuts.
Rs 9,195

Kenstar 2-Jetcool_R copyKenstar

The Jetcool cooler comes with an aerodynamically designed blower; remote and 360 degrees nylon castor wheels. The preinstalled honeycomb pads combined with an appropriate air throw has a tank capacity of 60 litre, and can be run on an inverter in case of power cuts.
Rs 13,290

Usha-Window cooler new copyUsha International

The window cooler from the Azzuro collection is in-built  with a honeycomb cooling medium; a tank capacity of 50 litre and a wider air throw of 20 ft. In addition, it has three speed levels, auto water fill and a water level indicator.
Rs 6,990 onward

Maharaja Whiteline-Blizzard-60 copyMaharaja Whiteline

Built with a tough material and well-designed exteriors, the Blizzard 60 desert cooler uses a double blower for heavy air throw and four way air deflection. It has 60 litre water tank capacity with water level indicator and high cooling capacity with a power consumption of 200 watt.
Rs 17,699