A floating urban garden proposed in New York

Swale-Floating-Farm-New-York-City-slideshow_dezeen_1568_0A bunch of designers and artists in New York have proposed to transform a shipping barge into a verdant floating farm. Called Swale, the project has been co-conceived by Mary Mattingly, an artist who creates sculptural ecosystems in urban spaces. Other Swale collaborators include Jono Neiger, a Massachusetts-based landscape designer; Casey Tang, a New York graphic designer; and Rik van Hemmen, an engineer and marine consultant from New Jersey. Artists Karla Stinger-Stein and Marisa Prefer are also contributing to the project. The vessel consists of a 80 ft x 30 ft platform that sits atop recycled shipping containers. The garden will feature fruit trees and other plants such as scallions, rosemary, blueberries, wild leek, radicchio, ramps, sea kale and more. The Swale will dock at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Governors Island and the Bronx.