Sophie Rowley

2014-10-18 23.04.53 copySophie Rowley experiments with every-day materials in unexpected ways — question our perception on materiality.

With a bachelor’s degree in fashion from Pforzheim University in South Germany and an MA in material/textile from the Central Saint Martins in London, product designer Sophie Rowley has immense knowledge on various aspects of design research. Her love for experimentation of mundane materials to explore their distinct properties and characteristics along with her diverse design expertise led to the creation of the Material Illusions series. Through this series Sophie alters every day, man-made materials in unexpected ways in order to question the current perception on materiality. At her studio in Hackney, the designer repurposes materials such as denim, paper, Styrofoam and unusual cuts of glass and manipulates them to take on the appearance of natural forms such as marble, coral or limestone. An example of this is the Silverwood Door Weight created by compressing layers of old newspapers, held together by resin. Its name is inspired by its resemblance to the Silverwood tree found in California. The Bahia stool made out of denim offcuts and the Kaibab bowls (made of foam off cuts combined with paint) are part of this series.

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