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Sculptor Valay Gada

Sculptor Valay Gada creates installations and sculptures that pay homage to nature’s organic shapes and structures.
IMG_2209 copy-1Influenced by the likes of Maria Sibylla Merian (naturalist and scientific illustrator), Macoto Murayama (new media artist) and LN Tallur (conceptual artist); New Delhi-based sculptor Valay Gada’s work reflects concerns with regards to urban landscapes, the environment and the preservation of India’s cultural heritage. He seeks to preserve and beautify this urban internal landscape in harmony with nature. Valay’s scaled-up versions of hibiscus, gulmohar, parrot tulip and more attempts at making people realize the beauty of life. Valay’s recent works explore the idea of conservation, or lack of it, alluding to the state of natural history museums in many cities in India; lack of nomenclature, unfavourable conditions within display cabinets, moth-eaten specimens, fogged glasses, and residue. He is most comfortable working with fiberglass and metal alloys for his sculptures and has recently started experimenting with papier mache, terracotta, grass and water hyacinth as well. The sculptor has participated in numerous art shows including Future tense, New Delhi and Anthills of the Urban Savannah at The Loft, Lower Parel, Mumbai (2014).

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