Boffi’s Salinas modular kitchen now available with Studio Creo

Created by the famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola for the iconic Boffi, Salinas is a modern and young-style

Salinas in Metals zinc_Hide bytommasosartori_high copyA long sandy beach with dunes, crashing waves and intense colours; and a kitchen with delicious aromas… such memories formed the inspiration for the Salinas modular kitchen range designed by Patricia Urquiola for Boffi. Salinas is named after the seaside Spanish town where Patricia’s grandfather had a house on water, and the designer has tried to revisit her playful time in the kitchen there through this collection. Contemporary and warm, the materials used for Salinas have been carefully selected and are eco-sustainable. It consists of a tubular metal structure made of modules which, once matched, creates a fully functional composition. The structure offers two different heights: suspended or floor-mounted, for under-mounted appliances. The doors come with an aluminium frame and are decorated with materials like the 100 percent recyclable PaperStone, wood and lacquers. There are options for worktops too — ceramic, decorated lava or Lasermat (available in various colours); and comes equipped with a big stone sink. The overtop structure in tubular metal can hold ladles hangers, shelves and LED lights. The playfulness comes through the solid wood peninsula tables which can be fixed, pulled-out or slid, when required. Then there are interesting details like the trench which provides useful storage space for small accessories, and metal shelves with integrated LED lights. Wall units have doors in metals, concrete and glass options. The tall units are equipped with built-in ovens, and have suspended drawer units with integrated LED bar lights. Salinas is exclusively available with the New Delhi-based lifestyle brand Studio Creo.

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