Ravishing Rugs

There is no disputing the fact that a room without a rug feels empty. So here’s our pick of five unique rugs that will make any space come alive.

The Rug Republic VANESSA copyThe Rug Republic

The beautiful and vibrant intricate patterns on this rug titled Vanessa are executed with the help of cross-stitched wool and exquisite Italian leather. Vanessa forms a part of the Premio collection of the brand that includes hand knotted, hand
woven and upscale leather rugs. The other rugs in Premio sport centre stage trends like chunky textures, distressed looks and patchwork.

CCK-400 copyCarpet Couture
Featured here is a hand-knotted beauty from the Lost and Abstract collection. Spun out of banana silk and bamboo silk, it features 100 knots and the wheel of a cart to add that bucolic touch to your homes. The rest of the series too captures everything old, ancient and rustic from moth eaten doors, crushed petals to skid marks of a car and Iranian motifs.
Rs. 1,800 (per sq ft)
D'Decor Rugs Collection by D'Decor (6) copyD’Decor
Each rug in the European series is assembled in Europe from materials such as viscose, wool, pure leather, polyamide, silk, cowhide, vinyl, exotic vegetable fiber and glass fiber in varying compositions. This one featured here sports honeycombs in bright shades of green and yellow.
Rs. 600 onward (per sq ft)
Jaipur rugs Project Error_ Shay1 copyJaipur Rugs
Project Error by Kavi depicts what happens when the ordered precision of machines is sidelined by happy accidents. The rugs are created by hand weaving nearly 1,00,000 asymmetric knots of finest wool and bamboo silk. Shay (featured here) is developed from studying blocks that are carved incorrectly or fade over time.
Hands 7 copyHands
Make your floor come alive with this orange-hued rug called Zalij. Part of the Heritage collection, it is hand knotted from wool and viscose. The series takes its inspiration from timeless Persian designs juxtaposed with contemporary patterns. Some of the patterns include Arabesque, classical Persian rosettes and medallions, and scrolling vines.