Quintessenz’s installations create stunning spaces of colour

Hanover and Berlin-based art duo Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic of Quintessenz recently completed a large-scale installation for the newly funded Paxos Contemporary Art Project, which is currently taking place on the island of Paxos in Greece. Combining painting, textiles, moving image, and installation, their work uses patterns and shapes found in architecture to change perceptions of space. Using old factory buildings as their canvas, Quintessenz consistently aims to create space for colour. For many of their installations, the duo cut pieces of coloured fabric into geometric shapes and suspended them in grids and rows. When viewed together, the fabrics seem to shift in soft gradients. As a cohesive piece, these floating mesh fabrics challenge the viewer’s perception as they move through space. These ideas are present in their recent installation Flickering Lights, which was created for Fashion Week Berlin in January 2018, and Pardis Perdus installed in Les Baux-de-Provence, France in 2017.

Source: Archdaily