Presenting five attractive anti-skid and anti-slip floor tiles options for your bathrooms.

Somany Ceramics

Slipshield-B-1 copyThe brands Slip Shield floor tiles are coated to keep friction high even when the surface is wet and soapy. This preempts any possibility of slipping. The tiles are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use and are resistant to graze and blemish, and hence lend a sense of timelessness to the design. They are available in colours such as white, brown, grey, cream and white.
Rs. 43 onward (per sq ft)
H & R Johnson

H&R antiskid copyThe granular or irregular surface structure of these anti-skid ceramic tiles, break the film of water or liquid into smaller droplets, thereby increasing grip on the floor. Hence, these tiles are perfect for bathroom use. The range is available in an array of hues — brown, blue, white and ivory, being some
of them.


Statuario Royale copyThe Explorer Edition Collection, 2015 of the brand consists of wall tiles, anti-skid ceramic floor tiles, glazed vitrified tile and vitrified double charged tiles. The design and colour variants available are Nitco Casa, Dura Digi, Duracottura and Trulife. With the help of reactive finish, Casa Wall tiles create an engraved finish whereas DuraDigi has finishes that appear like wood, slate, stone or even marble. The Trulife range takes its inspiration from nature and the aesthetics of Duracottura tiles are marked by clean lines.

Kajaria Ceramics

CYPRUS PINF HL copyThe brands newly launched Wood Collection will lend your bathroom a completely different look. The repertoire is inspired by true wooden textures and is made with punch effect to give it a real wooden look. They are stain-proof, anti-skid and have almost 0 per cent water absorption. They are also scratch and abrasion resistant. The easy-to-handle collection is available in 24 exquisite designs that include Mahogany, Chestnut and other elite wooden textures.
Rs. 100 (per sq ft)
RAK India

Picture 111
Picture 111

The brands vitrified Floor tiles have a rustic or matt finish to provide the grip needed in the most aqueous and moist places. Available in unique sizes of 598 mm x 598 mm, 598 mm x 1,198 mm and 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm, these tiles create an unparalleled visual for your bathroom floors and walls alike. The range is available in an array of colours such as ivory, dark grey, light grey, black and other pastels.
Rs. 91 onward (per sq ft)