Precht’s The Farmhouse concept combines modular homes with vertical farms

Architects Fei and Chris Precht developed The Farmhouse as a way to reconnect people in cities with agriculture and help them live more sustainably. In the conceptual modular system, prefabricated A-frame housing modules, made from cross-laminated timber (CLT), are stacked to provide flexible living spaces. CLT is more sustainable than other low-cost building materials such as concrete because it locks in the carbon absorbed by the trees it is made from.

Each duplex has an open plan living and kitchen space on the ground floor, with tent-shaped bedrooms on the upper level. Gardens are either private or communal, with inverted gaps left between modules providing V-shaped buffer zones between apartments and giving the plants natural light and ventilation. An indoor food market is located on the ground floor of the tower, along with a root cellar to store food and composting units for waste.
Source: Dezeen