PlyMahal unveils Decorative Surface Studio in New Delhi

Spread across four floors, the 6,000 square-foot Decorative Design Studio opened by PlyMahal at Mansarovar Garden, New Delhi showcases thoughtfully juxtaposed design elements and products to create a luxurious space that is full of creativity and inspiration. Shoppers will be greeted by artistically arranged setups with more than 3,000 elegant laminates, veneers and furniture, which will lend themselves as visual aids, helping clients to imagine how products will look and interact within the context of their residential or commercial spaces.

Its diverse offerings are aimed at appealing to the discerning taste of house-proud consumers of today who are attentive to even the smallest details of their home and are well-conversant with decor trends. The Meridian series by PlyMahal is characterized by sumptuous textures and a rich colour palette and comprises both decorative and backlit laminates that can be used to adorn the walls, bar and kitchen cabinets, sideboards, and screens.
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