Patterned Pallet Chairs by Craft Combine

Design studio Craft Combine recycles used pallets to create the Patterned Pallet Chairs.

Pattened Pallet Chair3 copyAt the heart of Craft Combine — a Korean design collective run by the young and dynamic foursome Lee Gi Yong, Kim Ye Jin, Jo Jun Ik and Park Yoon — is a fascination with materials and processes, commitment to environmental responsibility and a need to re-examine the things we throw away. A fine example of this philosophy is the Patterned Pallet Chair made of old wooden pallets (structures used for transporting freight) which are cast aside without much care or thought. The team decided to create the chairs entirely from old pallet parts, preserving the wood’s original scratches and marks. Inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1900’s (which also marks the beginning of mass-production of pallets), coloured acrylic plates were fitted onto the chairs’ backrest, giving it a spurt of geometric patterns and colour. Oversized washers and threaded bolts further adds to the look. In order to ensure safety and re-usability, the team chose to work with heat-treated pallets rather than the harmful methyl bromide ones.

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