Nitin Kohli Home uber luxurious interior solutions

Nitin Kohli Home has launched three unique projects — NKH Condo, NKH Conversations and NKH Pillow Talk — offering luxurious and stylish designs at economical prices. Conceived on the belief that everyone deserves to have a beautiful space to call home, the first NHK Condo has a solo traveller theme with travel memorabilia and mementos woven into the decor. The theme will be replaced with a new concept periodically.

NHK Condo will be offering a range of interior services and furniture which are designed to meet the demands of a faster moving lifestyle, and also to cater to the design requirements of property developers and investors. With an aim to transform spaces into great places to live where well-being is paramount, NHK Condo offers more accessible interiors without jeopardizing the foundational creativity. The second offering from the Nitin Kohli Home is NHK Conversations which offers services for the now focal locus of every home, the kitchen. Since the family and friends come together to catch up here, NKH Conversations focuses on well-being, innovation and timeless designs.The brand offers extensive freedom to plan your kitchen with a variety of units customisable by a wide range of materials, finishes and application. Lastly, NKH Pillow Talk redefines the concept of custom-made wardrobes. Be it hinged door or sliding door wardrobes for the bedroom, it offers a comprehensive system that is all about flexibility and rationality designed to define and organise the space. Also, the wardrobes come with an extensive selection of finishes, handles and internal accessories.