MVRDV’s Radio Tower & Hotel for New York constitutes colourful Lego-like blocks

Dutch firm MVRDV has broken ground on its first project — a mixed-use “vertical village” made up of yellow, blue, red and green brickwork volumes at 21,800-square-metre Radio Tower & Hotel, located at the thinnest part of Manhattan Island in the US. Radio Tower & Hotel will host a hotel, shops, offices and events spaces, which MVRDV has separated into different bold-coloured volumes. Renderings of the building show a pile of colourful cubes stacked to reach 22 storeys at the highest point.

Ceramic bricks in red, green, blue and yellow tones will provide the colours of the facades — the red and dark green volumes will be occupied by the hotel; two yellow blocks, and a small green volume set at the top of the tower, will contain offices; with a glazed stairway leading all the way up. A slender blue volume sandwiched in the middle of the stack will house the events space.
Source: Archdaily